Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Do Ghost Hunters Only Work in the Dark?

Excellent article on called Why real-rife ghost hunters hate "Ghost Hunters."  The author brings up a point that I've never quite understood myself, and that is why do all those reality TV ghost hunters always do their hunts overnight?

I've heard some say it's because ghosts are more active at night.  Really?  Do ghosts punch a time clock?  And what about interference from streetlights or car headlights?  He also questions how well can anyone observe anything in total darkness.  Sure, they're using night vision cameras, but those LCD screens are tiny.  And if you recall in a few of the episodes of Ghost Adventures some of their guys have tripped and fallen over furniture in the darkness, and how smart is it really to be walking around inside a completely dark derelict building?  It's lucky that so far no one has taken a bad fall and ended up with a serious injury.

Granted, I'm an accidental ghost hunter, so that means all of my encounters either happened during the day or in the early evening.  If you click on the "photo" label in the sidebar you'll see an entire collection of photos with all kinds of anomalies, and while I can't speak for any of the guest blogger photos, I can tell you that none of mine were taken any later than about 8 o'clock at night. 

Another point of observation is to listen to the claimant testimonials on Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures.  The typical story goes something like this:  "I'd just locked up the museum for the night and I was the last one to leave.  I was about to get in my car when I looked up and saw the lady in the Victorian dress standing at the window."  Almost without exception their encounters are happening either during the day or in the early evening hours.  So why is it necessary for all the TV ghost hunters to do their work between midnight at 5 am?  Is it to make their shows more dramatic? 

The rest of the article is a very interesting read, which I would highly recommend.  I would have to agree with the author that there are some fakers out there, and well as some television shows in which the hunters do sloppy work.  Take Most Haunted.  They don't even do EVP sessions.  Instead they rely on psychics and Ouija boards, and as far as they're concerned every little particle of dust that the camera picks up is an orb and therefore evidence of ghostly activity.  Yeah, right.  I can't help but wonder if some of the people on some of these TV shows are perhaps more interested in showmanship and doing whatever it takes to get the ratings up than in conducting serious paranormal research.  But at the same time they are bringing the discussion about ghosts and the paranormal into the mainstream.  People who have had strange experiences that they can't explain, or that they have been badly frightened by, are now more able to open up and talk about it because they are realizing that they are not alone and that they're not "crazy."  And that's a good thing.

There will come a time when shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures will have run their course and, if you'll pardon the pun, fade away.  Then perhaps the more serious paranormal research can begin again.

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  1. i love this show i will not miss any of them!!!!!

  2. Hi, just stumbled accross this post and thought I would chime in - I have been on many paranormal investigations over the past couple of years and have heard many reasons for working in the dark;
    of course the usual lie of 'oh well, ghosts come out at night'
    the next most popular is 'ghosts will do what you ask in the dark, as they feel they can get away with it' (!? make up your own mind on this one) but the most logical reason I have heard, is that when spirits become active, the mostly commonly reported phenomenon are light related and these are more easy to notice in the dark. Im not sure how much truth there is in this, but at least the theory makes sense!

  3. Every place i have lived since childhood has had "spirit" and guess what.....things happen during the day.where we are now(19 yrs) we have a little boy who will crawl into bed with me. has never liked my youngest much stuff used to fly off shelves at her. point is that it doesn't have to be dark.

  4. Guys come on really? Think about it 4 a moment. Have u all ever heard of the witching hour? It's between 3:00 am & 5:00 am. It's when spirits are more active. Reason being it's the demonic evp way 4 spirits to make fun of the Jesus when he was said to be crucified & that is believed to be between 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm. But have you all asked yourselves why demons will scratch someone & leave 3 scratch marks? It's another way 4 evil 2 make fun of God. & by leaving scratches in 3 they are mocking the Trinity which is 1. The Father 2. The Son 3. The Holy Spirit. Anyways 17 years n this field I can give you many more reasons we investigate at night. Last reason for now is 4 example sound. During the day it's very noisy, & at night you can hear a pin drop. That makes a big difference when not only conducting an evp session, but also analyzing it. Want more reasons? Have more questions & need more answers? Email me at Robb& visit my teams website at find out more about who we are, what we do, why were in this field, & see & hear our evidence that we captured. Were also going to be appearing on the hit Paranormal show called "A Haunting" airing September 2014

  5. I need to say one more thing about a comment in a post. I do agree that some shows are all hype & Hollywood. But I also will say that there are several that are not. My team & I are not in this 4 our health, or the thrill, or the evidence. I am a former full Gospel preacher. We do this so we can help those who are haunted by unseen forces that have been named Paranormal activity. We investigate all 4 levels of Paranormal, & all levels of Demonic. We have dealt with production companies who are looking for the real thing & as for the TV show A Haunting, they dig deep & verify your Haunting is legitimate before they will even think of using your story. Later guys again visit my site feel free to email any questions to me at